Monday, April 18, 2011

Dynamic Dalglish: King Kenny of Liverpool

Many words have been used to describe King Kenny across his many glorious decades for Celtic, Liverpool and Scotland, in fact his description as the King says more than most other words ever could, even the one I would like to add to the list, which by now I am sure you have noticed is "Dynamic".

Dynamic [dyn-am-ik]
–adjective Also, dy·nam·i·cal.

3. Also: dynamical characterized by force of personality,ambition, energy, new ideas, etc

I don't think there is much that I could add to that description that could do any further justice to Kenny, if I didn't know any better I'd say the accompanying photograph would have been Kenny's twitter avatar.

What I would like to add though is how much more dynamic the team looks under Kenny's guidance, there is an underlying spirit about the team which is quite evident in the way that the team has played the last 2 fixture's. The two games were so contrasting but just as equally accomplished in their own right, at home a lambasting of Manchester City and a containment job on Arsenal at The Emirates Stadium.

The game at Manchester City was an absolute joy to watch and I could only sit and imagine with envy what it would have been like to be inside Anfield on Monday evening for such a performance. The game was carried to Manchester City with attitude and swagger, the kind of attitude that epitomises many of the best teams all around the world.

In stark contrast, Liverpool arrived at The Emirates in a completely different style, much more ready for a battle, prepared to working hard and battling Arsenal to submission. Its a tactic that is so effective at The Emirates because everyone know Arsenal at the core are rather soft and easily riled.

I loved watching both these games for quite different reason's, but looking at both games it could easily be argued that even with such different tactics both of games featured something that just cannot be bought on the transfer market.


We most definitely "enforced our personality" onto each game, a different side of our collective personality in each fixture. One with a swagger and bravery, the other with a rugged determination and toughness bout both equally as effective in the situation.

Both games identified incredible "ambition", much more evidently in the Manchester City game of course, however it cannot be argued against in the Arsenal game either, in fact Liverpool had five shots on target and four off to Arsenal's five on target and six off (Sky Sports).

"Energy", well that it most certainly something that is not lacking from our game at the moment, embodied in our Spearing Lucas, Kuyt midfield, there's enough energy to power most of the United Kingdom.

Lastly, "new idea's", doesn't need much explanation really, since Kenny's inception as manager I think I have seen Liverpool play at 4 different style's of football, each suited to the personnel and style of opponents, never more aptly displayed against Manchester City and Arsenal.

Its quite incredible what Kenny has been able to produce when setting all this against a back-drop where we are missing at least 4 players who would be considered 1st eleven (Gerrard, Agger, Kelly, Johnson).

If there is anything, aside from 4 well earned points, that we can take from our past 2 fixtures, its yet further evidence that not only does King Kenny have the dynamism to lead a team out for game of football, but he could quite easily lead ever single Kopite out to the battlefield.

Would you follow Kenny out to battle?


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