A successful business has the primary concern of making as big a profit as possible, with the sole aim of pleasing its shareholders.

A good business has no real concern for anything other than profit maximisation, though sometimes it may work towards other things but only in an attempt to ensure further success for the business in the future.

One of the major weaknesses of all business models is the humans that run it. A perfect business would run without humans, without the mistakes that come with being human and without the emotions people posses.

A perfect business would have no real concern for its impact on people so long as it continues to maximise its returns.

That’s why a football club can never be a perfect business.

Unfortunately that message hasn’t got through to Liverpool’s current owners Tom Hicks and George Gillett.

I don’t have to tell you what the two American tycoons have done to Liverpool FC as so many people with much better knowledge of the inner workings of Liverpool Football Club have done it time and time again, but to put it simply they’ve single-handedly undone nearly a decade of rebuilding at Anfield.

That’s why us, as fans, must act now in order to ensure the same mistakes aren’t made in the future.

Tom Hicks and George Gillett’s tenure at Anfield is set to end sometime in the near future, with the club officially up for sale and taking bids.

The sale process has admittedly been slow, with many potential bidders put off by what they perceive to be an overly-high asking price for the club. But with some pressure from the banks there’s no doubt a sale will be forced through over the next couple of years.

But in order to ensure that yet more businessmen don’t take the club for all its worth fans must have their place on the Liverpool board.

Considering I’m a member of Spirit of Shankly –The Liverpool Supporters Union – it’s probably a surprise that I think that fan ownership is an unrealistic prospect for the club. To put it simply I believe there’s not enough fans who will put in enough money in time for the sale of the club.

However, what is certainly a prospect is fans owning a stake in the club which will give them voting power on all major decisions.

It may not be the ideal situation but even being a minority shareholder will give fans a voice and that’s what needs to happen once Tom Hicks and George Gillett finally head out of Anfield.

Whilst a football club can never be a perfect business there is still money to be made and there’s certain to be a number of parties who want to profit from Liverpool Football Club. What fan representation ensures is that those who are out to make money don’t do it to the determent of the club.

That’s why I support the Spirit of Shankly/ Share Liverpool Credit Union scheme which will help bring about at least some form of fan representation.

If you’re concerned about the future of the club I suggest you support the scheme to, otherwise it may mean the club moves from one set of renegade owners to another.

Photo provided by Tracy Olson