There have been lots of uncertainties surrounding the way in which Roy Hodgson will conduct himself after being given the big job at Anfield. Whilst many doubts still remain one thing’s for certain – Hodgson isn’t a puppet. 

Many worried that the former Fulham boss was brought in primarily to ensure that Tom Hicks and George Gillett, along with their board, got considerably more control over happenings both on and off the pitch after a three-year battle with Rafael Benitez.

Yet today Hodgson has firmly shown that he hasn’t come to Anfield to be used as a doormat for the two American tycoons to run rampant over the club. In an interview with The Liverpool Daily Post the new Reds boss goes as far as to say the main problem at Anfield is its current owners.

“What will lift the supporters is if we get new investment,” said the Liverpool manager. “I know supporters are very anxious for that. We can’t ever deny it.

“All the time we are in our current situation in terms of investment, the supporters are going to be sceptical. You can talk until you are blue in the face but it won’t make any difference.

“The owners are not popular with the fans; the fans want new owners, they want new investment. The gloom, if there is any, is never really going to lift until that day comes.

“I’m not going to dupe Liverpool supporters and say that everything is rosy just because we have signed Joe Cole.”

It has to be noted that Tom Hicks and George Gillett, with the help of Barclays Capital, are searching for someone to buy the club. But even still Hodgson’s shown that he’s ready to fight with a clear swipe at his current employers – a statement of intent from the man who fans have been concerned about since his appointment.

The comments show Hodgson doesn’t have his head in the sand and he knows the problems the club is facing and, most importantly it shows he is ready to take on the gargantuan task that lies ahead during the course of the next season.

The real test of Hodgson’s perseverance will come as the transfer window goes on. So far he's been relatively lucky in the fact he’s snapped up two free transfers and a low cost buy in the form of Joe Cole, Milan Jovanovic and Danny Wilson.

If reports are to be believed then Danny Wilson cost the club an initial £2 million, which leaves the clubs current net spend this summer £8m in the black.

The problems will start to occur when Hodgson wants to start spending some of the money he has recouped and possibly more beyond that. Our board have a good track record of lying to managers about transfer kitties and as they say Leopards never change their spots.

Hodgson has proved that he knows what’s going on in the club and he knows where the problems are coming from. What he now has to be willing to do is stand up to those in authority and ensure he gets what he was promised in order to rebuild this ‘sinking ship’.

If Hodgson really does care for the future of Liverpool Football Club he needs to carry on fro where he started today by turning his words into actions in order to ensure the clubs current owners and board don’t further damage the club so many of us love.

(photo provided by Nick Sarebi