The appointment of Roy Hodgson represents a new chapter in the history of Liverpool Football Club – one which will split opinion amongst the clubs supporters more than the previous three years under Benitez, Hicks and Gillett.

Despite what many pundits may say Rafael Benitez was not the primary reason for Liverpool’s fall from the top over the past season. Rather the problem lies at the door of the current owners, who look unlikely to leave Anfield in the near future.

Taking this into consideration it’s integral that Liverpool supporters and the board figure out what can be considered as success at Anfield over the course of Hodgson’s tenure.

At present the Liverpool squad is one which lacks depth and has faced a lack of investment for three years. Add to that the speculation that a number of top players may be ready to leave and you have a rather poor looking team going into next season.

Hodgson will no doubt have to work under the severe budget restraints which attributed to the downfall of Benitez before him which means it’s unlikely we’re going to see any bids for top players from around the world. Not that we could attract them, of course.

All the evidence would suggest Liverpool, at least on the pitch, will look a lot weaker outfit going into next season and fans expectations need to adjust in line with what’s happening at the club.

Newcastle supporters have had an overly-high opinion of where there club should be since their title challenge under Kevin Keegan – something which has led to the club having a succession of managers who lasted little more than a season purely because they were deemed to not have reached the high expectations set by the Geordie faithful.

As Liverpool supporters we need to ensure we don’t fall into the same trap. There’s already enough uncertainty surrounding what’s going on in background at the club without spending season after season worrying about the arrival of yet another new manager.

Lots have been talking about Roy’s ability to bring the team together and take us back to the Champions League. For me it simply won’t happen, at least not in his first season in charge. Hodgson may well have the experience needed to unite this seemingly divided squad but he won’t be able to do it without new owners.

Even with new owners this rebuilding process will take time and unless we give Hodgson, or any other appointed following a takeover, that time then Liverpool FC simply won’t progress. In fact we’d be more likely to slip further and further away from the top.

There’s no quick fix at Liverpool Football Club and fans have to understand that otherwise things could get a whole lot worse, with Hodgson or without him.

Photo provided by Alexandra Savicheva